Technical Review Consulting

Understand the technical flaws to mitigate the business risk

Organizations rely on technology, but the trust they place in their technology is constantly under threat from data loss, system weakness or project failure.

Technology related failures persist because the full range and impact of technology risks is often ‘clouded by controls’. Existing control frameworks, usually focused on information security, provide an illusion of assurance whilst leaving major technology risks unmitigated.

Infopercept’s Technology Risk team helps clients to manage their technology risks.

Our team brings technology risk awareness to the boardroom while helping clients keep information assets secure, systems functioning and controls operating effectively.

What’s on your mind?

  • Are you implementing a new system and can’t afford for the project to fail?
  • Does your business embrace technology to reach new markets or are you in danger of being left behind? How do you control the risks of the new technologies?
  • Do you have multiple compliance requirements or have a new compliance requirement to implement?
  • Do you understand your data risks? Do you really know where or how you might be exposed?
  • Do you have a rigorous process to identify and manage IT risks? Do you want to increase the value your IT risk management process provides?
  • Do your IT systems deliver the value you anticipated? Does the IT organization struggle to meet the expectations of the business?
  • Do you rely on third parties to deliver your critical IT services?
  • Do you understand the risks your service providers create for your business?

Bringing you peace of mind

ManageIT understand that clients rarely have an IT challenge that fits in a convenient service pigeon-hole. That’s why our Technology Risk professionals work with our clients to develop complete solutions that fit their needs, drawing upon multiple Technology Risk (and other) related services.

Our aim is always to provide you with a service that meets your precise requirements.

Infopercept Technical Review consulting include:

  • Network Security Architecture Review
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Security Review
  • BYOD Security Review
  • Identity Management Review

No matter what your IT challenge, you can be sure that ManageIT Technical Review will provide you with a bespoke solution built on our proven methodologies, tools and techniques.

With our suite of Technical Review services Infopercept can help you to

Manage change – helping you identify key project risks and flagging weaknesses in controls. Providing you with practical recommendations that increase the likelihood of a successful project outcome.

Manage compliance – helping you develop and implement an integrated compliance control framework; increasing assurance and improving efficiency. Providing you with expert advice on the latest compliance requirements.

Manage data – helping you identify key data risks and highlighting weaknesses in data controls. Providing you with data governance advice and expertise.

Manage IT risk – helping you develop and implement an effective IT risk management process focused on delivering your business objectives. Providing you with expert advice on the latest IT risk thinking.

Manage performance – helping you improve IT governance arrangements; driving improved IT performance. Highlighting weaknesses in IT processes & controls and making practical recommendations for improvement.

Manage third parties – helping you identify and risk assess critical IT service providers. Providing you with assurance over the processes & internal controls of your key third party providers.