Reading Ambassador

There is a global initiative called National Read-Aloud 2024: Engaging children across kenya in attempting to Break the World Record for the Most People Reading Aloud from the Same Text at the Same Time in Multiple locations.

On Friday, July 12th, 2024, all across Kenya, 300,000 learners from 3,000 Primary & Junior secondary schools will read aloud for climate action. They will be joined by 6000 Reading Ambassadors across the world. This is being done in conjunction with Start A Library Trust in Kenya.

Through shared narratives, the institution will connect, find strength, and discover reading has power in healing our planet and ourselves.

Munjal Shah, a businessman, social worker and committee member of Shree Vanik Vaishnav Mahajan has joined the Reading Ambassador network. He will be reading with the children to set a new world record in reading aloud on July 12th, 2024