MRD with Disease Registry

PARAS MRD with Disease tracking system is a very comprehensive tool to capture all Patient Health Record and capture outcomes based on the captured data.

PARAS “MRD with Disease tracking system” provides an option to capture complete patient data like address, age, sex, occupation, disease, modes of diagnosis and recommendations made after the concerned doctor in course of undergoing treatment and relevant documents, which are stored in a systemized way with the objective of making easy availability of necessary data at the time of its need.

MRD Disease Registry Solution

Registries represent a unique and powerful model for the collection of observational or epidemiologic data, and are becoming a widely adopted business tool in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, academic and private healthcare settings. Providers and Academic Medical Centers are using this post-approval research to accelerate innovation, produce faster knowledge gains and alert companies to potential problems quicker than any other available tool. For physicians by physicians, disease registries demonstrably improve care with minimal disruption to office workflow for a modest price. Disease Registry is a patient-centric, all conditions registry bringing evidence-based medicine to the point of care without stifling each physician’s individualized excellence.

PARAS Disease Registry’s comes with the very robust functionalites:

  • New Care recipient Registration
  • Capturing of history of the care recipient
  • Provision of Consent Form
  • Sample collection
  • Clinical module
  • Birth details
  • Genomic details
  • Neuro details
  • Metabolic disorders



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